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1. Bloomers

2. Flax

3. C. A New York Men’s Club (Apparently, some American members of the Tuxedo Club, Tuxedo NY, brought the style over from England, and it caught on in the US under the name “tuxedo”).

4. Feet (Babouches are light-weight, heelless slippers. They are comfortable but, like most slippers, they don’t give your feet much support. They are Turkish in origin).

5. Waistcoat

6. Buddhism

7. Confucius

8. Muslim

9. Shinto

10. Hinduism

11. Pam Dauber

12. Catherine Bell

13. Ali McGraw

14. Nicole Kidman

15. Dawn Wells

16. Esso

17. Chevron

18. Sinclair

19. Mobil

20. Texaco

21-25  The order of succession to the presidency are: 

            First:      Vice President

            Second: Speaker of the House

            Third:     President pro tempore of the Senate

             Fourth:  Secretary of State

             Fifth:     Secretary of the Treasury


SCOREBOARD: (Number correct)

24-25    ———   Your mind is absolutely cluttered with trivia.

20-23     ———  Your mind is only partially cluttered with trivia.

15-19    ———    Your mind is cluttered with something (We just haven’t figured out what that is).

14 – below ——  Your mind apparently isn’t cluttered with much of anything.


Pun of the week: There is a man on the street wearing a parka with a hood which seemed to jump around by itself. People passing by were throwing money into it. When asked if he earned a lot of money that way the man replied, “yes, it’s my livelihood.”

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