Welcome to the Morehead History & Railroad Museum TRIVIA CHALLENGE. 25 questions to tax your brain and amuse the whole family. Here are your TRIVIA CHALLENGE QUESTIONS. When you are ready, click on TRIVIA CHALLENGE ANSWERS to see how well you did. These questions will stay up for the next seven days and may be accessed anytime. Next Friday a new set of questions will await you. No fudging.



1. Cleopatra started it. What creature had to be sacrificed by the millions to make royal purple dye?

A. Sea Snails

B. Cats

C. Eagle eggs

D. Ants

2. From the 18th century to the early 1920s this lovely light brown color was made from:

A. Ground up mummies 

B. Tree bark

C. Lichen

D. Powered antlers and horns

3. In the 1790s this element was used to make a vivid yellow paint which was not only beautiful but covered other colors in a single coat.

A. Iron 

B. Chromium

C. Potassium

D. Cesium

4. In 1775 Carl Scheele invented a new color using an arsenic compound. That color was:

A. Green

B. Blue

C. Red

D. Orange 

5. Dating all the way back to Roman times this ore was added to paint to produce a brilliant yellow-orange. For obvious reasons it is no longer used. 

A. Uranium oxide

B. Bauxite

C. Radium

D. Copper sulphate 

CROSSWORD: (Identify the word)(Number of letters in ( )

6. (6) A line drawn on a weather map to indicate areas of equal barometric pressure.

7. (8) God of sleep and dreams.

8. (9) To trick or fool someone.

9. (10)  To carry out with a minimum of effort and/or consideration.

10. (9) Ineffective, mishandled, bungling, clumsy.


11. In this game you try to get closer to a score of 21 than your opponents.

12. In this game you try to find a target card after the dealer has traded the positions of three cards. Usually a scam when played on the street.

13. Multiple bets may be made (color, number, etc) as to where a small ball will fall on a spinning wheel.

14. A dice game in which players bet on the outcome of throwing a pair of dice.

15. ___________ is a family of card games in which players wager over which hand is best according to that specific game’s rules. Bluffing plays a major role.


16. This magazine began publication in 1953 and is one of the most widely read magazines in America.

17. This magazine featured Mia Farrow on its first cover in 1974 and is known for its “Best” lists.

18. This American media Inc. magazine is best known for its outrageous claims and so-called celebrity insider stories.

19. This music and pop culture magazine dates back to 1967 when it featured John Lennon on its first cover.

20. The very first issue of this news magazine, printed in 1933, pictured 7 photographs from the previous week’s news on the cover. 


21. A strait is:

A. A small body of water surrounded by ice or land.

B. A narrow inlet from the sea. 

C. The point at which a river flows into the sea.

D. A narrow body of water which connects two larger bodies of water.

22. The Strait which connects the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman is called ___________________.

23. This strait connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

24. The Tsushima Strait off the coast of Japan which connects the Sea of Japan and The East China Sea was the site of a major naval battle in what war?

25. The Strait of Malacca, at over 800km is the longest strait in the world. Can you name either of the two bodies of water it connects?