Welcome to the Morehead History & Railroad Museum TRIVIA CHALLENGE. 25 questions to tax your brain and amuse the whole family. Here are your TRIVIA CHALLENGE QUESTIONS. When you are ready, click on TRIVIA CHALLENGE ANSWERS to see how well you did. These questions will stay up for the next seven days and may be accessed anytime. Next Friday a new set of questions will await you. No fudging.



1. What famous scientist invented the office chair?

2. On average, how long does a sofa last?

A. 3 years

B. 5 Years

C. 8 Years

D. 11 Years

3. This style of furniture is named after the royal who reigned 1702-1714. It  is somewhat smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than its predecessors,”  includes curving shapes, the cabriole leg,  cushioned seats and wing-back chairs, Other elements characterizing the style include pad feet and an emphasis on line and form rather than ornament. Name it.

4. What is the name of a bed which folds up into the wall?

A. Murphy Bed

B. Trundle Bed

C. Canopy Bed

D. Camper Bed

5. In Victorian England, what was the expressed purpose of this piece of furniture?

A. Sitting for portraits

B. Drinking of wine after dinner

C. Sitting at the deathbed of your loved one

D. To catch fainting women


6. Name the most popular recipe in America requiring cheese.

7. On average how many pounds of milk is required to make a pound of cheese?

8. Which U.S. state produces the most cheese?

9. Which type of cheese is consumed more than any other world wide?

10. T/F Cheddar cheese is naturally orange colored.


11. What is the largest (weighs the most) shark of all? 

A. Whale Shark

B. Great White Shark

C. Sand Shark

D. Tiger Shark

12. How long have sharks existed?

A. Two million years

B. 100 million years.

C. 350 million years

D. one billion years

13. What are young sharks called?

A. Pups 

B. Cubs

C. Sharklings

D. Roe

14. After eating a full meal how long can a Great White shark go without eating again?

A. One Year

B. Six months

C. One month

D. One week

15. What does a Hammerhead Shark use its unusually shaped head for?

A. Gauging the size of its prey

B. Increasing air intake

C. Trapping its prey

D. Swimming faster

FORMERLY CALLED: We give you the present name, you tell us its former name.

16. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) 

17. Myanmar 

18. Volgograd, Russia

19. Hoover Dam

20. Roy Rogers


21. People no taller than 4’10 “ are called:

A. Dwarfs

B. Midgets

C. Diminutives

D. Minettes

22. T/F Most dwarfs are born to “normal” sized parents.

23. Name the dwarf actor who was one of the stars of the hit TV series “Game of Thrones”.

24. T/F Dwarfism is a genetic condition.

25. T/F Dwarfism occurs in all races and nationalities.