October 23, 2020

Museum starts Trivia Challenge on website

     With the museum closed and folks still mostly stuck at home because of Covid, we at the Morehead History & Railroad Museum want to help make things a bit more bearable. So we are hosting Trivia Challenge on our website. 25 challenging questions (and answers) can be found by visiting our website —  It’s all free and there are no annoying ads or pop-ups. Just click on “TRIVIA” and put your brain in gear. Then when you are ready, click on “Answers’ and see how well you did. The questions will stay up a week so you may visit any day or time. Then the following Friday a new set of categories and questions will be ready for you. Play individually or as a family, cooperatively or make it a competition. Maybe the home bound kids can even learn to research some of the answers. Do it your way, but have fun.

The museum is currently open with masks required, but game night has been suspended due to the Covid crisis. Website trivia will continue until game night at the museum resumes, so join us each Friday.