Morehead & Northfork Number 1 Locomotive

February 11, 2020

Morehead & Northfork #1

The very first locomotive purchased by the Morehead and North Fork Railroad was an 0-4-2 Fortney type saddletank locomotive built by the H.K.Porter Company of Lima, Ohio. The 0-4-2 refers to the wheel arrangement (no leaders, four drivers, two trailers). Saddletank locomotives had water tanks located on either side of the main boiler which could be filled with water to add weight and give more traction when pulling heavy loads. The H.K. Porter Company was one of the leading locomotive builders at the turn of the 20th century. They specialized in smaller, special use locomotives and therefore built many narrow gauge locomotives. Number one, was, however, a standard gauge engine purchased used from the Snyder Construction Company in 1904.

0-4-2s were small and underpowered for anything but relatively light loads. Number one labored on however until 1920 when it was sold.

There are no known photographs of number one,  This Forney locomotive (right) was made by SLM, Winterthur, Switzerland in 1886, and it was used on the Finnish State Railways in 1886-1932.