The Kentucky Northern Railroad 1896 – 1900

Rowan County’s Second Logging Railroad

The Kentucky Northern Railroad (KNRR) was a second 36” narrow gauge logging railroad that began at Rodburn and proceeded east paralleling what is now Highway U.S. 60 (which would not be built for another 36 years). At Big Perry, it turned north and followed Perry Creek to its headwaters, ascended the ridge by a series of switchbacks, then descended the opposite side by the same method terminating in the valley of the North Fork of Triplett Creek in the vicinity of Pine Springs.

Before the close of 1896 some nine miles of track had been laid and the line was delivering a regular supply of timber to the Rodburn sawmill using three locomotives, fifteen freight cars, and a combine.

When the timber played out some four years later, the line was abandoned, tracks were pulled and today only a few signs of the right of way remain on Big Perry ridge.